Gluten Dairy Egg

American BBQ Chicken

We take a whole chicken leg, marinade it in our house made BBQ spice blend – roast it low and slow until juicy tender. We then baste each leg with a delicious honey based BBQ sauce and roast it on high heat until the sauce is nice and caramelized.

Our cornbread is moist and scratch made. Our cole slaw adds a refreshing, healthy crunch to balance out the meal. Yum! 

Cornbread contains GLUTEN and DAIRY

Coleslaw contains EGGS


[NEW DISH] BBQ chicken leg, marinaded in our house made spice blend then roasted low and slow. When the chicken’s perfectly cooked, we baste it in a delicious honey-based BBQ sauce. Served with scratch made moist cornbread and coleslaw. 

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Gluten Dairy Egg

How to prepare

Microwave image

Microwave the corn bread for 15 sec

Chicken leg for 1 min 30 sec

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