Gluten Dairy Wheat

Hugo’s Loco Moco

Supreme Angus beef, ground and formed into patties and cooked on the flattop – smash burger style for extra browning. Our delicious Hawaiian inspired gravy is one of a kind, we make our own beef broth and load it with delicious umami flavors. We fold green onions into freshly made rice to give an extra zing of flavor. Have us cook your egg or have fun with a DIY cook. Make sure to pour LOTS of gravy. 😉


A refreshing take on the Hawaiian classic. We cook our patties smash burger style for extra browning. Our gravy is to die for! Served over a bed of scallion rice. Have us cook your egg, or you can DIY at home!

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Gluten Dairy Wheat

Nutrition Facts

703g Calories
48g Protein
41g Carbs
4g Sugar
17g Fat

How to prepare

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Egg (if purchased) remove by lifting up the paper carrier, heat for 15 seconds. Heat the rest of the container with a damp towel for 2min 15 sec. If you’re cooking your own egg, now’s a great time to start cooking! Gravy – lid off, heat for 1 minute, take out & stir, heat for another 45 seconds. Pour over your patty and rice. Place your egg on top, and enjoy. 🙂

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